No autobiographical dealings, no ouverture and no vague manifest as for what the future of this “blog” will hold. Meaning no idiosyncratic metablogging in future posts.

What the blog will contain are long, elaborate essays—others might say musings—on various and oftentimes completely unrelated subjects. Mostly with the purpose of digging into a subject that either continues to boggle me, or something I would like to dissect and interpret intricately enough to learn of any incongruities in my theories on the matter at hand. All while honing my skills at English, too.

An invaluable addition to nurture this intention even further is the discussion—or attempted explanation of the posts on my part—of the subjects with others using the fantastic Disqus comments system, which is available through the bottom right link of each of the posts, or, by clicking the purple permalink box next to the post.
  The inclusion of a comments system should not, however, lead you to conceive the tone of the blog posts as one addressing an audience per se, as this would suggest a notion of (normative, thumbs-up-or-down-instigating) reviewing rather than what you might call criticism, and as (self-promoting) dissemination rather than sheer, unadulterated random theorizing.

Before I can start writing, I need a functional computer, though. In time.

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